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Epidermal Surprise! by Seothen
Epidermal Surprise!

I go to bed at night thinking 'Okay subconscious - time to entertain me!'  And it usually does a pretty good job -my favourite dreams involve the following:

  • Getting to see movie sequels that have yet to be made (spoiler alert: in Terminator XII there will be a lot of running and shooting)
  • Swimming up north in a beautiful lake
  • Dreams where I'm Magneto and it's the Zombie-pocalypse

Other times my subconscious gets a bit lazy in what it comes up with:

  • I have to go back to high school for no apparent reason
  • I'm back in University, it's halfway through the semester and I still haven't gone to any classes
  • I've sold my house to move into an apartment I don't like

Recently my subconscious got pretty creative.  It all started when I read an article last week about Jimmy Carter, whose work in poorer countries has reduced the number of Guinea worm infections from 3.5 million (1986) to eleven (2014); that's not a typo - eleven, total, this year.  The Guinea worm, once it infects a person, grows inside of them to a total of 3 feet in length, and then it attempts to rupture it's way out.  Apparently it's as pleasant an experience as it sounds.  Carter's work in nearly eradicating this parasite is commendable, though to be fair, it's just one of many species that's learned the hard way what happens when you fuck with Jimmy Carter.

Anyways - that's just the first thing my subconscious drew inspiration from.  The next was an article a friend sent me, showing these beautiful caterpillars and what they metamorphose(?) into; also obviously the inspirations for the image in this post.

Then finally, Saturday I had a massage; my massage therapist is fantastic but she kills my muscles sometimes.  It's needed and does me good in the long run, but after Saturday's appointment my forearms were more than a little bit on fire.  It was this third and final part my subconscious needed to show me something new.

Saturday night's dream: insects had infected my forearms (they even hurt inside my dream) and now a couple of foot-long caterpillars were attempting to burrow their way out of me.  They looked very much like the painting above.

And then I woke up.  [boom!  Tommy Lee Jones, No Country for Old Men]

Hope that's not all too 'Silence of the Lambs' for anyone.  Or too 'No Country for Old Men.'

We Sleep, They Live by Seothen
We Sleep, They Live

“It figures it would be something like this.”

That’s not the most-quoted line from They Live, something about chewing posterior and kicking gum is more popular.  But I love the moment in They Live when Piper’s character just looks at the TV screen, realizing that alien imposters have taken over everything, and all he can do is laugh and say – “It figures it would be something like this.”

A few moments ago I read that my all-time favourite wrestler died – Mr. Rowdy Roddy Piper.  This isn’t a very good homage to him, but I had to draw something, and you know what – his acting wasn’t super hot either, so maybe this is totally appropriate.

I wish you’d had a lot more good years ahead of you.

Space Marine Vector by Seothen
Space Marine Vector

I can count the number of people I’d call friends on two hands.  This has less to do with the quality of people I’ve met in my life than it has to do with my extreme introversion, laidback paranoia, and intermittent as-the-Germans-say ‘Je ne sais vhat?’

This past week I saw a friend of sorts get eaten.  There was this mostly unremarkable beetle-like creature up at the cottage who decided to hang out with me, as I sat on the porch overlooking the Lake of Bays, reading modern contemporary philosophy (pro-Wrestler bios).  The one interesting feature on the little guy was this fantastic set of antennae protruding from its head, beautifully segmented and reflective of a bug-like influence in my own artwork, largely passed down via inspiration from far better insect-based artists such as Newton Ewell.

So anyways, this great little creature actually looked much more like a fat bumblebee while it flew through the air, and it was clumsy and slow enough to do a good impersonation of one.  It landed near my feet, turned itself towards the lake, and didn’t move or flinch as I shifted around in my chair and moved my feet around to test its reactions.  It just hung out with me, like it was comfortable.  I was certainly comfortable with it – insects like me and I tolerate them.  Bees, damselflies, even wasps – they’ll land on me and go along for the ride.

Guess I’m just lucky.

After an hour or so, it launched itself into the air, obviously realizing it was late for this appointment or that, or for no reason whatsoever (I tend to vote for that explanation), and then careened gracelessly into a nearby tree, ruffling the foliage around it, like some kind of metaphor for a simile.

That night, in the cottage, it made its way in and did another goofy nosedive into the corner of the living room.  I say ‘it’ without knowing whether or not it was the same ‘it’ that hung out with me previously, or for that matter whether ‘it’ was ultimately the same ‘it’ that would end up getting eaten, or whether or not what was ultimately eaten was my little friend – all I’m saying is that among these semi-conditional ‘Was I or wasn’t I that bug’ pre-conditions, I’m pretty sure it was all the same bug.

Anyways, the next day, I was once again sitting and reading on my cottage’s front porch – I’m not sure which logical conclusion (ie. Wrestler’s early death) I was at, but I paid only mild attention as what I believe was my goofy little friend landed on the railing near me and once again, just hung out while I broadened my literary horizons.

At some point I heard crunching.  Apparently I was one enough with nature at that moment to not particularly care to look up immediately at the source, but eventually I did – and there was a cute little bird on the railing, with the remains of my friend sticking out of its mouth.

Before this point I never understood the enormous acclaim critics had afforded the film ‘Troll 2′, but coming to the quick realization that my friend was being eaten – just as the boy in Troll 2 suddenly realized his mom was being eaten by the denizens of Nilbog (oh shit, ‘Nilbog’ – that’s Goblin in reverse! so clever!) – my response was ‘Hey, what the fuck!?’ and for the first time in my life I chased away a little bird from a big porch.

In retrospect, it may have had a dragonfly in its mouth, and maybe my friend is fine.  Though I also like dragonflies, so…

On to artwork – I drew’d the following Warhammer 40K vector art in Inkscape during (part of) my cottage time. 

My Latest Game is on Newgrounds by Seothen
My Latest Game is on Newgrounds
If you like free video games (who doesn't?!?) check out my creation 'Inkspace' on Newgrounds.  Link:…

It was submitted as part of the #deception game jam, and created in Construct 2.  I used Inkscape (ahem) and Krita for the art, and so far the feedback on the visuals has been really positive.  As far as feedback on the rest of the game goes... let's just say that so far the feedback for the visuals has been really positive.
Inkscape Dart Practice by Seothen
Inkscape Dart Practice
Just a bit of fun messing around with Inkscape and keeping my skilzz from going soft; all of my other artistic efforts have been focused on the digital media class I'm teaching as well as a game I'm making for the Construct 2/Newgrounds #deception game jam.  Will be finished (has to be finished!) by June 26th, so I'd say I'm about 60% through.    


Kyle Murphy
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Contact Kyle through dA or by his email for commission work.

Current Residence: Ontario
Favourite photographer: Serrano
Favourite cartoon character: Xander Crews
Personal Quote: Nostalgia rocks, though maybe not as much as it used to.

I realize I had you at ‘Free’, but my workplace in Kitchener is offering digital media and graphic arts training for people between the ages of 20-29.  It’s a substantial time commitment (approximately 4 months), and besides hands-on training in programs like Inkscape, GIMP, Sculptris, Audacity, and Krita, will also involve Microsoft Office Certification, an entrepreneurial component, 3D printing and Maker workshop at Kwartzlab, and a workplace component.

This is ideal for young people that are having difficulties finding work; if that doesn’t describe you, then you may know someone who would benefit – check out the link here: Digital Media Training

  • Drinking: Less and less, as I get older.

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